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Tis the Christmas season

Hello mr. Blog, sorry I haven’t talked to you in such a long time.

Most wonderful stream of the year

Hat films

This month I had the chance to work with the youtube channel Hat Films to reproduce my all time favorite “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” sung by Andy Williams for their re-imagining of it titled “It’s the most wonderful stream of the year”. It’s a part of the Yogscast Christmas live-stream where they collect money for charity, the streams have ended and I believe they were able to raise quite the amount of money for charity. They’re good boys.

Take a listen to and consider buying the album!!! Feel the post Christmas joy in your heart and enjoy the new year!

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Read this, now.

Cloudberry Kingdom!

I thought to myself, I really should post something on my website. That was about three months ago. I’m lazy.

So here I am now, telling you to go play Cloudberry Kingdom, the most excellent platform game made by the brilliant minds at Pwnee Studios!  Overall the game’s soundtrack is packed with musical jelly (that’s a good thing) and I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to be a small part of this magnificent masterpiece.

Here, watch this trailer.


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Trailer music vibe!

If you’re a fan of trailer music and are interested in knowing what’s happening in the trailer music world make sure to check out this great website, http://www.trailermusicvibe.com/

Stay up to date with the latest album releases, news and check out the reviews and interviews. Good stuff ;)

Best wishes,


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Hey everyone!

I guess I felt like I needed to revamp my website but I have limited to no knowledge of getting a “real” website up and running from scratch so I installed wordpress. I then found out that most of these wordpress themes are pretty dull so until I find a theme that I like I’ll just have to make due with this.

Since you’re here, give my latest track a listen or head over to the music page to hear more ;)

Best wishes,

Kári Sigurðsson.

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